About Us

We are New Age Paranormal Society or N.A.P.S. for short. We are based out of New Castle, Indiana. We were founded in February of 2008 by members with a mutual interest in the paranormal. Since, we have spent many hours looking into these phenomenons trying to isolate answers and understand them.

We incorporate our methods to finding whether something paranormal is happening, then decide on appropriate solutions. These methods can include, instrumental detection, the scientific method, common sense, and critical thinking.

Our goal is to find answers, determine a solution and leave people at ease. We are paranormal investigators, not ghost hunters. We are not looking for a scare. Our priority is to document evidence that could potentially be paranormal. Then, provide education or offer help to such hauntings.

We offer our investigations to home and business owners free of cost. Why is it free? We offer the investigations for free because the paranormal isn't justified. It is not accepted by science, even though the strange occurrences do happen. Also, we can do our best to provide an answer, but there is never a guarantee that we will. These reasons are why we will never charge a fee. We will however accept donations, because we do everything we do for free, while putting money into gear, batteries, gas, etc.

If you feel you are in need of an investigation, please look at our contact page.

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